Pork Belly Sandwich – Jan 16th

Crispy pork belly on a toasted baker’s bun topped with shaved cucumber, pickled onions and carrots, mayo and a spicy peanut sauce. Served with your choice of side – $18

Beef & Mushroom Pie – Jan 16th

Braised beef short ribs and mushrooms in a golden flakey pie served with a house salad – $19

Herb Crusted Prime Rib – Jan 16th

10oz herb crusted rib-eye roast served on mashed potatoes with a side of garlic green beans, Yorkshire pudding, horseradish aioli and gravy – $30 for one, $55 for two, $100 for family (four portions)

Sopa del Dia – Jan 16th

Coconut curried sweet potato – $9

Dessert! – Jan 16th

Chocolate pecan brownie – $9

Chunky monkey cheesecake – $9

Wine & Beer To Go!

30% off all takeout wine, beer + cider. Check out our list of pre fab four packs under ‘The Beer’ icon on the right + find our wine list under ‘The Wine’. Food must be purchased with takeout alcohol. Cheers!