The Coffee

Call it alongé, café lungo, or Americano, the coffee we are proud to serve is a long poured espresso of a slightly courser grind, through the espresso machine. The people who have tried our coffee and like a robust full flavour, come back for the coffee alone. We can also make you an espresso or a cappuccino with just as much joy. We think the perfect end to a great meal is a good cup of coffee, but due to our location, we couldn’t resist opening for breakfast on weekends to share our space for your morning buzz. We are located beside the Rotary Trail where many people start and finish their walk, bike ride or roller skate/blade. What better place to enjoy the newspaper with a cup of coffee and a little breaky. There are patios on the East, South and West side of our restaurant, so we hope you will stop in for a little summer sun and relaxation, or warm up by the fire in winter while sipping one of the best brews in town.