The Story

Our story is pretty simple; we love our community and want to share some of the other things we love with the people who surround us. The other things we love: simple yet delicious food, craft brewed beer, fine wine and a robust cup of coffee.

Our Neighbourhood

The village of Ashburnham was annexed by the city of Peterborough in 1903, but has remained a separate entity with a certain amount of pride by its residents. We are happy to be a part of such a vibrant and caring community and will do our best to reciprocate this same feeling with all of our guests and neighbours. We have, with the help of a couple of neighbours, uncovered some old photographs from over 100 years ago, that we proudly display on our walls and there are stories to go along with them. There is a rich and colourful history, with too many pictures and stories to display them all, so we have chosen a few of our favourites, we hope you will enjoy viewing the history of our neighbourhood.

Strong Man Dan

In the middle 1800’s, there was a man by the name of Dan McDonald. He worked in a dry-goods store and could be commonly found moving 400 lb barrels of goods about the shop. In fact, he once lifted a platform of 4 barrels of ale on his back; and even better, he hoisted a 500 lb pig over his head in the town square! These great feats of strength earned him the name of “Strong Man Dan.”

So, as you could imagine, we were delighted to find out that “our man Dan,” once lived on the very same property as the Ashburnham Ale House. As such, we have an artist’s rendition of our image of Strong Man Dan hoisting the pig above his head to pay homage to a man, that was very much a part of our community in its earlier day.

Cheers to you, Strong Man Dan!